A deficient Aspie

This will sound incredible even to me that I am used in ridiculously extreme situations.The previous time that I suffered a B12 deficiency was in 1991-1992. Right after I was sick with the flu,Again. Of course it was the flu,it consumed my poor reserves of the vitamin and when it passed, it left me drained. Also,I am a vegetarian. I eat dairy and eggs,but I never eat meat or meat products etc. Nothing. Not even chicken.

So in the summer of 1991,I don’t remember exactly what month but it was early in summer so it must have been June or May,I felt my muscles weak and achy.I asked my father, who was a doctor back then, and he told me that they were muscle pains from the flu and not to pay attention to them,that they’ll go away,I rested reassured that nothing was wrong and went on with my life.

It was early fall same year when I felt exhausted,detached from reality,battling to do every day tasks,not being able to sleep and of course,those muscle pains had intensified instead of going away as I was told.In fact I couldn’t move my legs or arms.

I had the sensation that something was living inside my head,something heavy,like a ball,in the left side of my head. A sensation that I experienced again this summer with the recent B12 drop.Honestly,I am not sure I want to know what it was.

To make a long story short,the so-called muscle pains lasted for 8 entire years. By 1992 February,I was unable to leave the house as I was suffering from extreme weakness and dizziness,I suffered severe panic attacks and anxiety,sleep and hair loss,vision & speech loss,I had lost too much weight and in 1997,at the age of 28 my weight was 32 kgms.I was tagged as an anorexic and was handled as an agoraphobic with social anxiety.In brief,one more damaged good 🙂

The misdiagnoses were miraculously reversed in 2001.When I managed to stand on my feet again and start living what was left of my life.I had minimum damage left I guess because I was too young. On the other hand,I did lose the best years of my life didn’t I 🙂

Not a soul mentioned something about anemia or deficiency of any kind.I was left with the question of what happened to me back then until last November when,I was finally diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy due to undiagnosed and untreated chronic B12 deficiency

I have been living on the deficiency borderline all my life without even noticing. I had only noticed that after some intense periods of my life my head felt numb or had a floating sensation.Or tingling hands. Or ear buzz. Or.. Or..Tiny details like these that you usually don’t notice


In 2013,and thanks to my younger son who was diagnosed also,another mystery of my life was solved … Yep,I got a diagnosis that I have Asperger’s Syndrome. I guess I already knew that my diversity was something of a Syndrome I just didn’t knew it had a name .It’s all good  now that the territory has been finally mapped.So,people,you have landed on the blog of a deficient Aspie 😉