Improving your skills on Swedish – if you’re a beginner like me

Or should I write förbättra din svenska, om du är nybörjare som mig. That was my very second attempt to write in Swedish since I started the course on Duolingo. I must have made tons of mistakes in this short phrase,but please,don’t laugh as it was a very bold move from my side,daring to post in a language I still can’t handle.



So,I found this news website,it’s in Swedish and ,of course,who would want to read  the news all day long since it became a depressing task ( both depressing and task,if you understand what I’m saying 😉 ) but on 8sidor ,it’s teaching you Swedish :D. Yep,the site has a gadget that it allows you to control the speed of the news broadcast,you can move the slider forward or backwards,it is a convenient web player for newbies like myself .Also,it offers the option to download the podcast. Convenient as well.

I don’t agree fully with the news as presented in And I don’t have to as long as it has plenty of news sections I can listen to and I don’t have to limit my language practice to listening to news I don’t agree with or I am skeptical about.


A very short post for today,I’ve been down with the flu for the past two weeks and I am still exhausted. Nu det är dags för att studera





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