Pronunciation matters


I’ve been following the news as everyone -or almost everyone- on this planet when one thing caught my attention. Lack of proper pronunciation even from persons in major err well major news outlets like err ummm BBC

The name of the coalition that got a sweeping victory in Greece is not Sy-rí-za but Sý-riza.

Pronunced as Sí-ri-za [like the verb see- ri-za],the coalition leader’s surname is pronounced exactly as read,T-pras[like the verb see].

It is so funny listening to serious journalists talking about serious news but failing to pronounce correctly a name.


The rest is almost known as the route of this single-currency union is predictable,I am not the first to say what I’ve been saying since 2001 that no one can prosper in a single-currency union,where a bunch of countries with different cultural background,different economies and different mindsets are called to follow a common fiscal policy.I still think the best option is to break it up as soon as possible,and if possible,break it up in a controlled way so the suffering lessens. But who am I,compared to the Big Banks and the Huge Interests,moving the burden and the blame to the shoulders of the people across not only Europe,but the entire world.Whatever.14 years later I am still in favor of local currencies.

At first,the impression I got was of a society that was still living in early 20th century,corruption as much as in other countries,clientism as much as in the rest of the world etc etc. But there was this feeling that this country was a couple of decades behind of the date on the calendar. This is not bad,what I think it is bad is looking at half the world progressing and trying hard to look like you are progressing too. Which again is not that bad if you are dancing on your own. Anyway,now seems to be too late to play the blaming game.The ones to be blamed are already known to all of us and laughing their butts off.What actually surprises me is the huge amount of fear that a big portion of the people still have when it comes to radical changes. Things can still go much worse yet fear prevails. Fear for what? We can’t be asking for a change that fits our sofa and the reality show on TV.

Nobody says it openly that yes,we’ve tried the impossible and failed.Failure is normal but continuing to fail and insisting that failure is the right way and the only option is absolutely insane.In my opinion,the world has seen more peace with the diverse currencies. Right now we are on each other ‘s throats in a polite,united way

Bottom line,put the accent in the first syllable,it is pronounced Sí-riza

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