As I tend not to read the news,just the headlines,I just read that another plane has gone missing. Unbelievable.. one more plane,that means that in 2014,human race is able to handle “sophisticated” weapons,if there’s such thing, just to kill each other but cannot find a missing plane.Not a needle in a haystack but a really huge plane,equipped with the latest technology and all that stuff that was made exactly for planes not to go missing.

Sorry,I don’t buy that. I am one of those who believe that something else is going on with the downed and/or missing planes,just my humble opinion.239 on MH370,298 on MH17 and now,162 on QZ8501,that’s a lot of people to lose in just one year.But,as I said that’s just my humble opinion and,as we are overwhelmed with opinions lately,I will just limit this post to sending positive thoughts to the families of the plane passengers that are going through rough times right now.Stay strong.

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