Bullying the client

Or What happened to busuu.com part II but this is really getting tiring.Today’s episode has to do with the bullying and literally abuse that a client has to go through to have their problems addressed.Of course they need tons of luck to actually have their problems addressed.Mine must have been exhausted because right now,I am getting bullied right at my inbox.

Busuu Team, Nov 09 18:30: Hello, How are you? I have reported the issue but the Tech Team does not work during the weekend. So they will check it as soon as possible.

Have a nice day, Rosa

Ir MedeaCa Sun, Nov 9, 2014 at 9:09 PM” Nov 9 (2 days ago) Nov 9 (2 days ago)

That’s awesome,tomorrow is Monday for everybody on this planet,so I am expecting this to be fixed
In case you can’t fix the problems which will mean that logging in on busuu.com would be useless for me since I already don’t have access to the dashboard,I will ask for a refund of the remaining 18 months of my premium membership.

Have a great evening

Busuu Team, Nov 09 20:23: Hello, Many thanks in advance for your understanding and excuse us for this inconvenience!

Ciao for now!


You get the meaning,I guess.If that’s not bullying,treating the client like he has a non functioning brain,then I don’t know what it is .After showing clearly that I am let’s say,unhappy with their services,the busuu.com support didn’t even bother to change their tune.Of course no and why would they?Would I ever file a law sue for 60 euros? Most likely no. That’s how they think,that for such a small amount of money,nobody would react taking legal action.But with the boost of e-commerce,something else has been skyrocketing too and that’s e-legislation. You simply cannot cheat or steal and get away with it especially in a massive scale as I’ve been reading. Besides the legal part of this isuue,there’s the moral part too. As I don’t know who my readers are,or what they are going through this very moment,so doesn’t busuu.com .It doesn’t know a thing about their subscribers. They might be going through the worst time of their lives,as I was when I bought this premium freakingship.I had just found out that I had Asperger’s and that my son had Asperger’s too and I wanted to stop thinking about that. That’s why I was on busuu.com. Not for the animations or for chatting about myself but to distract my brain cells.Basically nobody has to actually care for me to sell to me good services and have a technical team if I need support. This is the known commerce game.In return,I pay promptly and everybody is happy.Basic rules of a smooth e-commerce. By failing to follow this simple rule,busuu.com follows the lonely road ,the subscribers will be not only abandoning the sinking ship but they will tell everyone they know about it. And we already agreed that infamy ruins business.Especially when business is already bad… Oh but wait!! There’s more!

Maybe the guy handling the Twitter account means well  but he certainly isn’t tech support.. He is just tweeting away,that’s his job. But the job of the ones who run busuu.com and I don’t know who else,even  automated Rosa’s job is certainly not to talk to me as if I were an idiot.I am a client who is just minding his business. Even if I were an idiot, it’s my constitutional right to be an idiot but still a client ,it is not against the law to be an idiot or a client! But it is against the law  to sell crippled services and drive people crazy when they demand what they are legally entitled to .And the Twitter guy or girl who tweeted with so much thrill that YAY! It’s fixed! they should tell me then why busuu.com is not working on my end for the fifth day,why I haven’t received a clear, decent answer explaining to me if it is a technical problem,which I could perfectly understand instead of all those lies and talk arounds I have read so far.Or maybe is the comment I had left on their post and they have me blocked..  suspicious isn’t it.. just saying..I could go even further with this but I will leave that aside for now.It certainly is NOT because of full cache and cookies,cakes and cupcakes ,it is NOT outdated Abobe FlashPlayer  and it is NOT Firefox. It is all about those lousy 60 euros and pure lack of structure.In few words,a job half done.   Among all this fuss about busuu.com,I had the chance to find great websites that teach languages. One of them is Hello-hello that is getting started with low price tag but who knows,maybe it will evolve to the next busuu.com but with better customer support I hope 🙂 logo_hellohello   livemocha I was introduced to LIveMocha last year to study Catalán and Euscara but I was a bit disappointed because the interface wasn’t exactly great. I still have my account there,from time to time I log in to help people with their Greek,Spanish or English but I don’t stay as I used to stay on busuu.com where I was literally  spending hours.. from 5pm to 10 pm.5 hours a day studying and correcting posts from other users who were putting a great deal of effort to learn.

I think that what I’ve been missing more is losing the ability to correct and help others.When i was correcting,I wasn’t just copying the post,collecting the busuu berry and get gone,I was writing entire paragraphs  explaining how and why the post was wrong and what needed to be written correctly.Most important the why’s.That’s probably the only reason I had 120 friends in there when I normally have 2-3 friends on social networks but for me it wasn’t social,it was mental. Besides that-too- it was family fun.Every time I was completing a level and I had to take a test,there was a gift,like the pooping doggy.My children were waiting anxiously to see what gift mom would take. It seems that all of that belongs to the past.Now I’ve signed up on Babbel  to check it out for a month,it offers just one free lesson to decide if you’re going to buy the full version or not.I wasn’t thrilled yesterday that I took the test lesson.I found it pretty simplistic.But at least their recordings DO WORK- contrary to busuu.com’s standard suggestion to everyone to have their Adobe and browser updated.Also,I could see the cancel subscription button and it works too!!! babbel   I will say again that Byki/Transparent Language have a good platform.I was able to enhance the preset free lessons with lists from users and were quite useful. You can’t move on to the next level if the pronunciation doesn’t match 60%.Also the support is above excellent. I had reformatted my computer and the password wasn’t accepted by the program,I emailed their support and within 24 hours they had sent me a new one. Without saying that our team is working on this,we appreciate your patience and other rubbish. byki-sm Exactly like when you buy goods from a store,if it doesn’t work,you show them the receipt and they have to replace the damaged one. That’s how TL is working,like you’re talking to the shop owner face to face.Just keep the e-receipt and have the transaction ID handy  😉 Sometimes it is better letting a client go than infuriate them.Okay,let’s suppose they get the money,and then what?Me,I will just lose some hard earned money in the short run,who will be the loser in the long run? To close this tormented topic,even though I seriously doubt it,in June Memrise launched their premium service. I was of the first to take it,just 9USD per month.I thought I’d have more learning material but it wasn’t about that. The material was the same for everyone! They were offering stats and other stuff to people who were interested. That’s when I learned that my mental capacity is at its best at 4pm.I was interested,I wanted to remain premium,but thanks to a glitch, the transaction was cancelled. The e-mail that I had received had left me speechless,it was kind,humane,normal!And they weren’t asking me why I cancelled,but how they could improve their services.

Kristina Narusk

Oct 6


Thank you for trying out Memrise Premium. We have just refunded you the fee but we’d also like to hear aout your first impressions of Memrise.
If you don’t mind me asking, what made you to subscribe to the Premium plan at first? And what functionality were you expecting that Memrise Premium does not have at the moment (and that you would have been happy to continue paying for)?
Any feedback would be very useful for us to improve the product further.
Many thanks in advance,
Kristina and the Memrise Team

Ir MedeaCa 

Oct 6

May I ask why did I get a refund?? I didn’t ask for a refund! I hardly had a taste of the Premium features.And,certainly, I don’t mind explaining why I upgraded the premium service,first of all,when I found Memrise,I thought I had stepped into some sort of heaven. So I subscribed  hoping to use all the extra features I can to learn the more I can while I can, because my brain has an extra feature too,learns extremely fast ,some call it Asperger’s syndrome,I call it an advantage:)  Also this diversity of mine was asking for more grammar lessons which I didn’t find,unfortunately
I had subscribed to the mailing list that you had for the members to be notified as soon as the Premium membership was launched but received no e-mail, which is okay because I saw it when I logged in and thought I should try it out. Premium has a good service,explaining to members how their brain is functioning which is quite useful to me.
The Difficult Words section isn’t too helpful for me because I hardly have any difficulty when I am learning a language,at least until now.
I understand that the Memrise team is still working on it  and I hope more features- like a grammar section- will be included in the near future.
I hope that the information I am sending to you is useful and I’m sorry to see my membership canceled.
Kindest regards
I couldn’t renew my Memrise membership because the Premium button had vanished when I logged back in ,the same day.I don’t know why and,honestly,I forgot to e-mail them.But if I see it again I will upgrade again.For me,it is useful. For others maybe it’s not. That’s personal!
The courses are written by users for users.They are free for everyone. It doesn’t have to do only with language learning but everything that can be taught! It also has a section with dictionaries,I LOVED it! I have suggested it to many people I know,and none has regretted signing up.
That of course,is valid for as long as Memrise will remain as I got to know it,free for all and easy to access. But needs some extra digging and self discipline to find the right courses and follow them in order to learn.
I am not advertising  here.I am sharing experiences and making suggestions.I appreciate people who are keeping their minds alive .I wouldn’t like them  to waste their money or their time.And that is exactly the purpose of those posts.So people, do not invest where you’re not going to get what you expect
Ciao for now …

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