15 Tips for Creating a Paperless Home

[I] detest useless waste. It literally makes me crazy to think of spending money on something — usually out of convenience – knowing that the end result will be the trash. Paper towels, diapers, wipes, disposable anything, and yes even toilet paper…for nearly a year our family has been on a mission to find sustainable replacements for these common household items in an attempt to create a paperless home.


Many people will argue that purchasing and using paper products doesn’t effect their budget enough to warrant seeking reusable alternatives. After pricing out these items in a local grocery store, I estimate our paperless home is saving nearly $40-$50 per month. That coupled with the $50 we save on not having cable, the $30 for no phone, the $200 because we grow/raise our own food, the $100 on the reduce use of electricity…just shows you that every little bit adds up, potentially saving 100′s — maybe even 1,000′s – of dollars per month.


15 Tips for Creating a Paperless Home

Important disclaimer: Don’t pressure yourself into implementing each one of these tips all at once…you’ll only end up frustrated and defeated. Pick and choose a few to get yourself started. Putting even one of the suggested alternatives into practice will prove to reduce the amount of money spent and waste generated by your home.

[More-Frugally Sustained]

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